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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

3 Best Universities of Canada To Study

Ready for Study, cold winters and some Ice Hockey? Undoubtedly, Canada is one of the world’s most popular destinations for tourists as well as international students. In every city of Canada, you can find a throng of international students. Do you also aspire to study in Canada? Here’s a comprehensive guide about the best universities in Canada.

• University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is the leading university of Canada. Even it’s international reputation and ranking is commendable. It provides a welcoming, safe and comfortable environment to study, learn and explore. It offers a wide range of courses in the field of arts, sciences, and management. Its library system is the third-largest in North America. It has also the oldest engineering society in Canada. And not to forget, Toronto is the most multicultural city in the world. Have I mentioned that its library looks like a Turkey?

• McGill University

McGill University is the oldest university in Montreal. It is also considered to be one of the most prestigious universities in the world and all for a reason. It is the most internationally diverse university, students coming from 150 countries. Is that enough to bring you on the edge of your seat? The students here have the highest average entering grades in Canada. The university is the world’s top research university in Montreal Quebec Canada. The University is also the best in Canada for Medical-Doctoral Graduates. Its notable alumni include three of the Prime Ministers of Canada. Interesting, isn’t it?

University of British Colombia

It is another renowned university that ranks among the best universities in the world. The university provides an educational environment with a really nice campus. It ranks number one in Canada for its research on sustainability. It has two main campuses – the Vancouver campus and the Okanagan campus located in Kelowna. Interestingly, myriad of TV shows and movies have been filmed on it’s Vancouver campus. The University’s motto says, “It is Yours”, which is to encourage the students to bring new ideas and innovations. The library of the university is also top class. International students can work on campus without any additional working visa. Enticing enough?

• University of Alberta

The University of Alberta is one of the top universities in Canada. Its excellence across humanities, sciences, creative arts, business, engineering, and health sciences is laudable. It is among the world’s leading public research-intensive universities. The campus has is beautiful and the buildings on campus are distinct from each other. It also provides it’s students Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan, which residents for almost all necessary medical care. The students at the university are really competitive. So Brace yourself!

Canada has become a desirable destination for students across the globe. Consequently, there has been a significant rise in the applicants of international students in the universities of Canada. But choosing a university suitable as per your requirements isn’t a cakewalk. We hope that this article helps you to select the best University for you.

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