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Monday, February 17, 2020

No less than poison, these 8 items in the fridge, throw them out today

No less than poison, these 8 items in the fridge, throw them out today

It is normal to keep the surplus food in the fridge. Especially in the summer the food is more likely to be wasted. In this case, everyone wants to put the food in the fridge as soon as possible. But it is very important for you to know that there are some things that can cause a lot of harm to your health by eating out of the fridge. Yes, food stored in the fridge for too long may prove harmful to you. Let us know about this.

1. Pulses and vegetables kept in the fridge: - Meals are always required to be prepared. Having increased food in the fridge eliminates the nutrients in the food. Also, foods kept in the fridge for long periods of time produce fatty acids like additives, carbohydrates, fructose corn syrup and trans-fat. The intake of which can cause your body to suffer from many diseases. Eating such foods also increases the risk of cancer.

2. Similar to a bakery: - Many people store bakery items, such as pastries, chocolates and sweets in the fridge. Consuming these bakery products made from sugar, flour and carbohydrates can make you prone to diseases such as high blood pressure, constipation and diabetes.

3. Fatty food: - Sometimes a meal is made so much that even after eating one to two times, it increases. The nutrients in the food are completely destroyed by repeatedly heating and eating from the fridge. This kind of food is considered equivalent to not eating. Eating more than one meal is very harmful. Instead of harming health, it's better to throw it away. Try to make a meal as needed.

4. More Spicy Cheese Items: - Sodium is high in sauces, sauces and pickles. Due to their use, your body's blood pressure level deteriorates. If you take all these things with food, they do not allow the nutrients of the food to reach the body. That's why always use freshly made sauces and homemade pickles.

5. Soft Drinks: Drinking soft drinks in excess can lead to obesity, loss of appetite, acidity, constipation and tooth problems. Most importantly, soft drinks make your teeth and bones very weak. Teeth that remain well after 100 years of death, cold drinks can make them worse in 10 years.

6. Contributed to long-term fridge: - Often you buy fruits from the market for 4-5 days simultaneously. But it is not advisable to do so, the nutrients of the fruits in the fridge are gradually destroyed. Eating stale fruits does more harm than good for health. In this case, fresh fruits should always be eaten.

7. Rice: - Eating stale rice is very harmful to health. One is to accumulate fat in the body by eating it as well as to face problems like gas, indigestion and constipation in the stomach.

8. Yogurt: - Prolonged consumption of yogurt stored in the fridge will harm health. Try to have fresh yogurt in your meals daily. Even if you do this, even if the yogurt grows, remove it and eat it. Never eating stale yogurt can damage your body.

Thus, food that is left in the fridge for a long time should never be eaten and always prepared as per the requirement so that it does not have to be put in the fridge. Eating dishes can harm your health. Which should be specially looked into.

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