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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

read all news paper and magazine in single platform

read all news paper in single platform

media company with a number of television and digital media outlets in several Indian languages, with leading footprints in India and abroad. The main purpose of ANN is to create a knowledgeable and happy society. ANN is a group company of ABP which was incorporated almost 90 years ago and is becoming one of the largest organizations of Indian media.

all news paper list::

1.Divya Bhaskare-Paper Gujarati is the Gujarati identity of news and entertainment in the digital age. We are proud to have become the voice of the country including Gujarat with the help of young generation and fearless journalism. 

VTV Gujarati has come to understand the need for public sentiment and information in the media crowd. We have come and will continue to try to save the fourth estate of democracy by adopting true journalism. is moving forward as a medium for people to convey positive thinking and true identity towards the country through digital medium.

read all gujrati famouse news paper in one plateform best serves Gujarati information and in the digital age, has maintained the concepts of Gujaratis and nurtured culture. Gujarati has always tried to be the voice of Gujaratis on local issues and achievements of Gujarat. We are also committed to being the medium of feeling and demand of Gujaratis living in the word.

read gujarati popular magazine::

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8.Jamnagar Jai Hind

9.Gujarat Mitra


11.Economic Times

12.Nav Gujarat Samay


14.Aaj Kaal

15.Gujarat Today

16.Sardar Gurjari

17.Kutch Mitra

18.Aankho Dekhi

20.Sanj Samachar



23.Gujarat Darpan

24.Kutch Uday


Going deeper for those who want to get information through Gujarati language, we are ready to serve the full taste of news, culture, thought and entertainment with Gujarati identity.

Our team consists of experienced journalists and people with knowledge of modernity. Our duty is to deliver the first and most reliable news. It is our goal to get accurate statistics and news in simple language without compromising the core of journalism

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