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Sunday, May 17, 2020

Gujarat Croona update date 17-5-2020

Gujarat Croona update date 17-5-2020

Today is the last day of Lockdown-3.0 in Gujarat and Lockdown 4.0 will start from tomorrow. From the evening of May 15 to the evening of May 16, 1057 new cases of corona were reported in the state and 19 patients died. As well as 273 patients recovered. Thus a total of 10989 cases have been reported while the death toll has reached 625 and 4,308 patients have recovered and returned home. Regarding the launch of Lockdown 4.0 in the state from tomorrow, Chief Minister's Secretary Ashwini Kumar said that the central government's guideline on how to proceed in trade, industry and office from tomorrow will be released soon. After that, a meeting of the High Level Core Committee is being held under the chairmanship of the Chief Minister from 5 pm today. This meeting will study the guidelines of the Central Government and consider how to proceed in different cities, districts and metros of Gujarat. Detailed guidelines will be issued by the state government by the evening thereafter.

Workers do not clash with media-police, administration: DGP
Regarding the lockdown and law and order situation, the state police chief said that there have been incidents of clashes with the workers' system, which is not appropriate. Some people tried to take the law into their own hands today when a train bound for Shapar in Rajkot district was canceled. In which the police and the media have been attacked. An offense has been filed against the perpetrator of this type of act. Losing patience in this way does not lead to conflict with the police, the local administration or the media. If the train is delayed or canceled, the train will be re-arranged and the workers will be sent back to their home state. Odisha trains canceled following hurricane forecast: Police Being done. The meteorological department has forecast thunderstorms in some parts of the country, including Odisha. As the Odisha administration is busy with the system, it has asked the workers to postpone the registration process for the next three to four days. So that those who want to go to Odisha from Gujarat should be patient, at present the train will not run for three-four days.

Lockdown in Ahmedabad will be eased after 25th Eid

Gujarat government officials are also in the mood to extend the lockdown in Ahmedabad till May 31. If it cannot be extended till May 31, then it is ready to be done till May 25. The government will take a decision soon. While the 21-day containment zone will be reviewed on May 24, the lockdown could be opened by completing Eid on the 25th.

CM's inquiry order in case of wandering corpse of a patient discharged from Ahmedabad Civil

Chief Minister Rupani has ordered a thorough inquiry into the incident where the body of patient Ganpat Varubhai Makwana, who was recently discharged from the Civil Hospital, was found near the BRTS bus stand Danilimda. The chief minister has handed over the probe to former health front secretary J P Gupta. As well as instructing to hand over the investigation report to the state government within 24 hours.

Earlier, when Health Secretary Jayanti Ravi released the positive case figures in the evening, only 348 newly registered cases were mentioned in the last 24 hours so adding up the total number of positive cases till Friday did not add up and misunderstandings spread. Although the Gujarat government had registered only 348 cases in 24 hours, the figure was higher in the last week as 709 people tested positive during health check-ups of super spreaders selling milk, groceries, vegetables and other items in Ahmedabad. But so far no explanation has been received as to why all these figures have been kept together and not updated daily.

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