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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

School Opening Detail guideline Declared

School Opening Detail guideline Declared

The central government has allowed the states to open schools from October 15. A 54-page guideline has been released on October 5 on how to open a school and what kind of arrangements should be in place.

The Center has also clarified when the school is to be opened, the decision will be taken by the state government. Thus, most of the state governments have given the collectors the right to decide to open a school in view of the transition to Koro.

In which state will the school open from when?

The central government has approved the opening of Phasewise School after October 15 in the guidelines. But, the final decision will be entirely up to the states. This means that a separate school opening date will be announced in each state. Some states are going to give this right to the district.

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source:: Divya Bhaskar news

The Delhi government has decided not to open the school in October. Similarly, the UP government has left the decision to the districts, where the Collector will look into the situation of Kovid-19. The picture is not yet clear in many states, including Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana and Chhattisgarh.

Which standard will be opened first?

Nothing is clear in the new guidelines of the central government. This decision can be taken by the state government. It is imperative that school bags not be banned for students in grades 1 to 5 if possible.

source:: Divya Bhaskar news

The Union Home Ministry had in September allowed students from Std 9 to 12 to meet teachers at the school. This is how the State Government can give preference in the period of Unlock 5.0 and initially the school can be opened for higher education standards.

If a state wants a school for young children to be opened before then it will not be a problem for the Union Ministry of Education. However, it is required that if a child wants to study online from home, the school will allow it.

What will happen to the attendees? Will the opening of the school require the children to go to school?

The guidelines of the Union Home Ministry and the Ministry of Education clearly state that students cannot be forced to attend classes. Attendance will also not be required. This will be decided entirely with the consent of the parents.

In a school that does not have an online education system, teachers have to talk to students and parents and make sure that their children's studies move in the right direction. Not only that, the school has also been denied the Perfect Attendance Award.

Do students have to take the exam? What will happen to the exams?

There will be no assessment of any kind for at least two-three weeks after the school is opened as per the public guideline by the Ministry of Education. When they take the exams, not all the standard exams will be taken in pen and paper text format.

Assessment will be done on the basis of role play, choreography, class quiz, games, brochure designing, presentation, journals, portfolio. Which will be used in place of the commonly used pen and paper text format exam.



How safe will the children be at school?

Children will only go to school if their parents approve them in writing. If parents want their child to study at home, the school will have to approve it. If the child is sick in this way, the parents have to inform the school.

Instructions have also been given that the school campus should be cleaned continuously. Similarly, disinfected areas are said to be more disadvantaged. Children are often asked to wear a mask and follow social distance to sanitize.

It is advisable to call the class in shifts to observe social distance at the time of entry-exit in the classroom and at school. Students who have more children in the class are advised to call Odd-Even.

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