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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Granted shixan sahayak Bharti Higher Secondary Instructions

  Granted shixan sahayak Bharti Higher Secondary  Instructions

The State Board of Examinations has conducted TAT examination of non-government aided secondary schools in non-government subsidized Urachattar secondary schools for the year 2017 on anonymous basis (subject / medium).

Out of them, the candidate will be able to register for the same subject and medium only if he has passed the examination in the subject and medium.

Minimum qualification for appointment of teaching assistant in registered non-government aided higher secondary school in the declaration of the education department dated 11/2011 No. GH / S H / 4 / BAMSH / 1103/1903 / G and the occasional amendments made therein, dated the education department. Price number of 11/01/2021 should be as prescribed by MASHAB / 1111/12/6 as well as 5 resolutions and provisions from the government.

In the canal of the education department dated 11/B/2011, number: GH / SH / 4 / BAMSH / 13 / L04 / G and Gujarat Muki Rowa Classification and Recruitment (General) Rule-18, as per the solution, there should be basic knowledge of the use of commuter. Also, in this regard, the resolution number of the general administration department dated 19/06/2008: CRR / 10/2008 / 1903R0 / GP and dt. As per the provision prescribed by the resolution dated 19/03/2018.

 No. 11 / R / 2011 of the Department of Education in Haina No.: GH / SH / 8 / Bamash / 106/1100 Decision No. of the Department dated 7/06/2017: G.H. 4, H. / 2 / BMSH / 1103/05 / C, Resolution No. of the Education Department dated 11 / S / 1: As per the provision of MASHB / 1112/12 / Six, 30% of the marks obtained by the candidate's qualification certificate and teacher Bharuch test. The selection list will be prepared on the basis of 50% of the marks obtained in (TAT). Candidates who will be included in the provisional merit list-1 prepared by the selection consent will have to go online in which district they want to check the marks / certificates. They will be included in the merit list-1. They will be informed about it through SMS. After that, they will get the letter of document verification online. Candidates will have to make the document verification mandatory at the district level in the prescribed period within the period fixed by the parandagi committee.

The proposed list of grounds for attachment to the application for document verification is on the website Candidates who do not undergo document verification will be automatically disqualified. And the name of the candidate will be deducted from the merit list. The list of SLA's document verification water is posted on the website. Educational Assistants / Education Assistants who are currently working in Government or Non-Government Aided Primary / Secondary / Higher Secondary Schools. If they want to apply for this recruitment, they should apply to the candidates in the Resolution No. of the Education Department: PRE / 1912 / Single File-3 / K, Dt. As per the provision of / 12, the appointee has to apply after obtaining NOc in the prescribed form from here onwards. NOc as suggested

ઉચ્ચતર માધ્યમિક ગ્રાન્ટેડ શિક્ષણ સહાયક સુચનાઓ

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