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Friday, January 22, 2021

Online Education Daily video 23 January std 1 to 12

 Online Education Daily video 23 January std 1 to 12

Top  education apps in India for online learning


Meritnation app

This education app is like a one-stop solution for the students of classes 6-12. Whether it comes to homework help, doubt clearing session, textbook solutions, video lessons, sample papers, mock test, easy revision notes for class 6-12, previous year board papers and even study material for national olympiads as well.

This app also has courses for entrance exams like IIT-JEE, NEET, CA CPT and other exams like BBA and NDA

byju learning app

 It is one of the well funded and well-managed startup which has the motto to make learning fun for students. This app is already considered as one of the best education apps in India. It has very engaging video lessons which help in adaptive learning. This app also has complete mock tests and sample papers for class 7-12 for all the board exams which help in preparing for competitive exams like IIT-JEE, CAT and NEET. Its detailed performance analysis feature helps students to improve their performance.

myCBSEGuide learning app

This education app has all the features a CBSE student will need. It has sample papers, mock tests. Video lessons, chapter wise questions, NCERT solutions for class 3-12. One of the best features of this app is it has quizzes which you can play with your friend while learning and it also provides a gamified learning solution. It is one of the best education apps in India for any CBSE students

Vedantu learning app

Vedantu is India’s one of the largest tutoring company started by three IITiian friends, which helps the student to learn online by providing them with some of the best-curated teachers. Vedantu’s one of the best quality is that they have a very good quality of teachers available. It has both individual and group classes. This education app is very interactive for both students and teachers because it has features like two-way audio, video and whiteboarding tools where both teachers and students are able to see, hear, write and interact in real-time. It has online classes for grades 6-12, competitive exams and co-curricular courses

Toppr learning app

Toppr is an education app that believes in making learning more personalized for students. It provides a wide range of courses to K12 students. Its one of the best feature is its live classes feature which very much helps the students to clear their doubts in real-time. It also provides a time table to students so that they can be aware of the classes.


Unacademyl earning app

Unacademy has some great educators including first Women IPS officer of India, Kiran Bedi. This app provides more than 2400 video lectures and specialized courses on all kind competitive exams which have benefited more than 300,000 students even from the remotest corner of the country. It is one of the best education apps in India which has helped the students to improve their writing skills, ability to speak and enhance their knowledge. 

Learning Apps only for competitive exams including Govt. Exams

Drmentors Medical PG app 

Drmentors medical pg app learning app

This is a wonderful app for medical preparation. This app has 600+ hours of video lectures prepared by more than 20 faculties. It also has more than 10000 PowerPoint slides and notes. They also have test series, mock tests and comprehensive coverage of topics. They also have mentors who help the students if they need personalized guidance. 


ધોરણ-૧  ગણિત વિડીયો  

ધોરણ-૨ ગણિત  વિડીયો  

ધોરણ-૩ JOYFUL SATURDAY વિડીયો
ધોરણ-૪ JOYFUL SATURDAY વિડીયો
ધોરણ-૫ JOYFUL SATURDAY વિડીયો 

This education app is the result of the vision of a CA dropout Vivek Jain. He started working on it when he was 17 years old. Now it has around 2 millions financial professionals as its members. CCI coaching app includes 1500 hours e-learning content, test preparation and skill-based certification courses. It has online video-based tutorials for CA, CS, CMA, BCom and MCom courses. In this platform, users can interact with each other and ask questions, which is a very engaging feature. It also has various professional profiles, different articles and updated news. 

ધોરણ-૬ સામાજીક વિજ્ઞાન વિડીયો
ધોરણ-૭ સામાજીક  વિજ્ઞાન  વિડીયો
ધોરણ-૮ સામાજીક  વિજ્ઞાન  વિડીયો
ધોરણ-10 વિજ્ઞાન વિડીયો
ધોરણ-12  PHYSICS વિડીયો 

Khan Academy 

Khan Academy learning app

This education app is founded by an American Educator Salman Khan. This is a complete non-profit app and its sole purpose is to provide better learning tools to students. This app has more than 10,000 video lectures on different academic subjects majorly focused on Mathematics and science. They have partnered with institutions like NASA, MIT, the modern museum of art for specialized content to empower the learners outside the classrooms as well.

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