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Thursday, March 31, 2022

Stylish credit a card in the India with no periodic figure

Stylish credit a card  in the India with no periodic figure 

 Stylish credit a cards with no periodic figure 

 while a credit card works cautions to  the offer stoners prices and alleviates in the financial anxiety, it is generally needs an a periodic figure to the  keep your account status are  active. the concerned to the bank are  deducts in the figure are automatically at the sign-up in  anniversary cardholders dislike the analogous are  expenditures. 

 Still, the zero in periodic figure are credit card is lets the gap between in the  consumer prospects and bank immolations .are you the looking to subscribe up for a new credit card or are a first time to user entering into the credit are  request? we recommend diving into the list of the 5 swish are credit cards with no periodic figure  are available in India moment. 

1. HSBC Visa Platinum credit card 

 the HSBC Visa Premium credit card are yields benefits that extend beyond in the no periodic figure incentive.However, dining, and online the  shopping purposes, if you are constantly and swipe a card for a travelling. 

 as part of their welcome to the process, the bank are offers an Amazon validation worth ₹ 500 on a trade is starting ₹ 500 within 30 days of card issuance.However, it's anticipated to that you'll make at least 5 deals in the two months, if you're a shopping and networking are buff. in this case, the bank are offers a generous 10 cashback (up to ₹) on ₹ and further. 

 that's not all. for movie are  suckers who can't repel the there air, the interspersed to  popcorn, and the chilly pop, Book my Show are offers to the attestations worth ₹ 500 on ₹ spent per month (₹ per cardholder per time). 

 moving ahead, the card in the labels various are prices and abatements packages  are that ensure the holder an implausible are  living experience. they are 

 energy and weight disclaimer across any energy  are pump in the country for values between ₹ 400-₹ 4000 

 Up to 15 dining off at over all  1000 caffs operating in the major Indian cosmopolises 

 2 price points on every ₹ 150 spent 

5 X prices on posterior are  purchases after  the crossing a cap are  limit of ₹ per time 

. air miles are  conversion between to the popular Inter Miles, British Airways, and Singapore Airlines 

. while it's a bank's job to the offer the swish deals to its stoners, the responsibility are  doesn't end there. HSBC Visa Platinum takes a step ahead to cover its stoners on the account of theft and loss of credit cards. 

 simply call the helpline in the numbers to 

 report in the cancellation of the card and get a new encyclopedia supporter are accepted in the emergency card in 3 days 

 get covered for the  abuse of the Platinum credit card for a whopping I N R after the registering to  the loss 

. these ultra are precious benefits are available for the dwellers of Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Noida, Hyderabad, and Gurgaon progressed to the between 18 and 65 and earning to a minimum periodic in the income of ₹ 

.2. Kotak Fortune Gold card 

 primarily structured for in the Indian are entrepreneurial community, Kotak's Fortune Gold credit card is a zero periodic figure and interest-free cash retirement card, with features that are delicate to turn the down. 

 subscribe to up for a Fortune Gold card to avail in the following benefits 

 cash are retirement in the  permitted up to 50 of the credit limit 

 energy in the weight disclaimer for deals between ₹ 500-₹ 

.4 free P V R tickets ( applicable for 3 months) or ₹ 750 Cashback on the spending ₹ per time 

. on account of theft, claim are insurance is against ₹ against abuse up to 7 days pre-reporting 

. outstation  in the cheque are  processing  in figure, charge slip  are request, machine weight at ATMs-all waived 

. note-this card is applicable for a professionals are operating from Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Noida, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, and Kolkata, and earning to  a minimum income of ₹ 3 lakh per time. 

the primary card holder can be anywhere between 21-65 times of age, with the secondary holder demanded to be over 18 times. the ultimate is a entitled to all the benefits as the former. 

 3. Axis Bank Insta Easy credit card 

 the Axis Bank Insta Easy to credit card is a 0 periodic figure-0 joining figure credit card for the in dividualities having a minimum  in the fixed deposit (FD) of ₹ in Axis Bank. 

 let's look at their are  offerings 

100 cash retirement are permitted up to the credit  are limit 

 set your own credit limit, with the maximum are touching 80 of the FD limit 

.1 energy weight  are disclaimer on  the energy deals between ₹ 400-₹ 

.15 dining abatements at select to the  caffs 

in case of theft or loss, the bank replaces the card with no relief figure. these credit card benefits and protection work swish for first- time stoners (18) with no credit histories. 

 4. SBI Card Unnati 

 Unnati, meaning in the progress, is what SBI promotes with their credit card are  sacrifice. offering a 4- time zero periodic in the  figure, SBI has taken spare way to make this card function as a contact less mode of  the payment. 

 SBI Card Unnati has the following the  features 

 earn 1 Price on every ₹ 100 spent 

 1 energy weight disclaimer for deals between ₹ 500-₹ 

. spend ₹ annually and earn ₹ 500 cashback 

. make any purchase above ₹ using this card to unleash the occasion of converting credit card deals into EMI (flexipay) 

.the bank offers a 25 day interest-free credit period on retail the  purchases along with the option to withdraw in the  cash up to 80 of the total credit are  limit 

 the card is issued on one eligibility hold an FD with SBI worth ₹ or further. 

 5. ICICI Bank Platinum Chip credit card 

 the I C I C I Bank Platinum Chip credit card is the best suited for in dividualities who step out of the occasionally for all the recreation wining and dining. using to the upon its 0 joining and periodic freights policy, this card are offers the following in the  advantages 

. Avail 15 reduction on the 2500 caffs operating in the 12 major cosmopolises with the ICICI Bank culinary treats in the  programme 

 1 energy weight disclaimer (outside ₹ 4000) at HPCL pumps 

 2 revenge in the  points on every ₹ 100 retail purchase ( disadvantage energy) 

 earn 1 revenge point on every ₹ 100 spent on  the utility and insurance are  purchases 

 enhanced bedded microchip are security to fight the  against counterfeiting issues 

 eligibility- age 23 

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How to the download my village map with details

How to the download my village map with details

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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Google news and daily headlines,

Stay informed with latest world and local news personalised for your interest

Google news and daily headlines, 

Google News is a personalised news aggregator that organises and highlights what’s happening in the world so that you can discover more about the stories that matter to you..

Stay up to date on your interests

• The For You tab delivers the top stories across all your favourite topics and sources in one place. You no longer need to search through various news sources across mobile and web. Examine in-depth science, entertainment, fashion, sports, cricket updates, finance or whatever else you care about.

One story. Numerous perspectives.

• With Full coverage you can be informed on how a story is reported from a variety of sources. With just a tap you’ll see recent headlines from different sources, videos, local news reports, FAQs, news analysis, social commentary and a timeline of events for stories that developed over time.

Breaking news

• The Headlines tab offers an unfiltered view of top and breaking news articles from around the world and India. Additional sections let you dig into more on tech news, business news, travel news, national and international news, health and more.

પ્રવાસી શિક્ષક અરજી ફોર્મ અહીથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

Discover new sources and topics

• The Newsstand tab makes it easy to find and follow the sources that you trust, as well as browse and discover new ones.

Access your favourite news and magazine subscriptions, together

• If you want to support your favourite news publisher, we’ve made it simple to subscribe with your Google Account. This means no more forms, credit card numbers or new passwords. Easily access them all within the same app.

A smart news app built for every phone, everywhere

• Google News is designed to meet the needs of users with different phones and levels of connection.

• When your connection isn’t strong or you need to save data, Google News will continue to work smoothly by slimming down the size of images and downloading less data.

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Top 10 trusted plutocrat making app

Top 10 trusted plutocrat making app 

 1. Roz Dhan 

 Roz Dhan is one of the most trusted app that's best- known for earning plutocrat online. It's an entertainment app offering multiple options similar as earning prices for inviting friend, sharing in contests, reading the news updates, installing other apps, playing games, completing checks,etc. 

 Have you ever allowed of making plutocrat along with burning calories? You might be glad to know that one can indeed earn plutocrat by walking and counting their step with this app. Some other task that help you make perk profit include checking your diurnal horoscope, visiting notorious and working mystifications. 

Download Now 

 2. Meesho 

 Signing up with Meesho can help you come entrepreneur. It's an excellent reselling point that give you with flexible options for people who want start their own business online. 

 No matter if you're a pupil and looking for earning without investing capital. You just need download this app, choose the product type, and order you want deal in. You'll get the noncommercial price for all the products over this enormou reselling platform. 

Download Now 

 3. PhonePe 

 PhonePe is the original UPI precursor in India. Subscribing up with this app will offer you colorful cashback deal on specific payments and get you colorful cash price by referral. The earned price directly credited to your bank account. 

 PhonePe is considered to be one of the safest app to make payments where flawless deals take place at a faster rate. The cashback is earned on certain online payments, mobile or recharge, electricity or water bill payment, etc. This payment trafficker app is available on Android and iOS platform. 

4. TaskBucks 

 one of the stylish plutocrat earning apps in India that help you earn perk profit for executing simple task similar as downloading other app, visiting other websites, viewing advertisements and vids, pertaining to your friend or cousins, participating opinions, completing checks, and sharing in contest. From referrals, you can earn up toRs. 70 per day through. 

 You can earn up toRs. 70 per day through referrals. Yes, you have heard it right! This app not available on iOS. Only Android stoner can take advantage of this app. 

 5. MooCash 

You can earn plutocrat through MooCash by playing games, watching vids, and completing check. This app pays you in cash, paid recharge testimonial, and bitcoin cryptocurrency. 

 The app is best known for entertainment; getting prices for watching amusing videotape, what differently one could wish for! 

. also provides the stoner with colorful gift cards of Google, iTunes, and Amazon. It also allows you to earn cashback on mobile recharge and offer free game canons and free validations. The price can be redeemed once you accumulate 3000 coins in the app. 

 Download Now 

6. Databuddy

 Databuddy app rose to elevation Paytm cash niche. You can make decent plutocrat with this app by downloading specific apps, participating filmland and on social media platform, and completing task. 

 The app lets you earn cashback by shopping on multiplee-e-commerce stores, including, Amazon,, Myntra, and numerous further. Primarily this app acts as the mediator between the interface and your portmanteau. 

 Download Now 

7. Dink 

 Dink is one of the biggest platform where a plethora of online training is earning ample profit. The app doesn't only give it services within Indian boundaries but across the world. 

 It's an emotional platform that helps people earn a piece of living and enhance their tutoring skill and effectiveness. To apply an online training profile, one needs to have 

. A scale degree 

 Good communication skill 

 Pupil empathy and a good listener 

 Moxie in using internet- grounded tools and coffers online tutoring 

 Subject matter proficiency 

Download Now 

 8. Google Opinion Prices 

 Google Opinion Price is one of the most notorious plutocrat earning app in India. It's a paid check app that offer you to pay for completing checks for cash. 

 Subscribing up with this app straightforward. Just after you download the app, produce your account register yourself. Once you subscribe up, answer quick check and earn Google Play Credit with this app. 

It give you with another occasion to earn plutocrat by asking you a simple set ofquestion.However, will pay you up to Rs, If you answer those questions. 32 for each answer. The question it asks may include what your ideal trip destination is? Which product has a significant demand? Which creation is most compelling? any other. 

 Download Now 

 9. Locom

 Loco is one of the stylish plutocrat earning app that allows druggies to earn plutocrat for watching gamer play games. Is n’t it inconceivable! You're being paid for leading a live streaming platform for Indian gaming community. 

This app is free download, and you're allowed to play game in all favored language, including Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, and Tamil. The point and the opportunitie this app provides have made it extensively known, especially among academy and council pupil. 

 10. mCent 

 Want to earn plutocrat for simple referral tasks? mCent app is the most doable option for druggies who focuses on getting plutocrat prices for referrals. It also allows you to earn free mobile recharge through a set of tasks similar as downloading specified apps, visiting other website, watching vids, and opening chapter link. 

 This app links your account for flawless processing of cash prices. With t, you also don't need to worry about your data pack, as it also award its druggies with a free data pack, which applie to all mobile networks in India. 

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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

YUVIKA - YUva VIgyani KAryakram (Young soul Programme)

YUVIKA - YUva VIgyani KAryakram (Young soul Programme)

Indian house analysis Organisation is organising a special programme for college kids referred to as "Young soul Programme" "YUva VIgyani KAryakram" , YUVIKA, to impart basic information on house Technology, house Science and house Applications to the younger students with a preference to rural areas.

The programme is aimed toward making awareness regarding the rising trends in science and technology amongst the children, United Nations a

gency square measure the long run building blocks of our nation. ISRO has chalked out this programme to "Catch them young".The programme is additionally expected to encourage additional students to pursue in Science, Technology, Engineering and arithmetic (STEM) primarily based analysis /career.

YUVIKA - 2022: Announcement of on-line Registration

(End of Registration: April ten, 2022, 04:00 p.m.)

The YUVIKA - 2022 residential programme are of fortnight length throughout summer holidays (May 16-28, 2022) and also the schedule can embody invited talks, expertise sharing by the eminent scientists, experimental demonstration, facility and laboratory visits, exclusive sessions for discussions with consultants, sensible and feedback sessions.

The programme aims to pick out a hundred and fifty students across the country, United Nations agency square measure learning at school IX as on March 01, 2022 during a college set inside the territory of India.

The selection of participant are on the idea of following parameters:

Marks obtained at school ‘VIII’ examination.

Participation in science honest (school / district / state & on top of level organized by college / district / state / Central government authority) in last 3 years.

Prize in Olympiad / Science competitions and equivalent (1 three|to 3} rank in last 3 years in school / district / state & on top of level) in last three years.

Winner of sports competitions conducted by college / Govt. / establishments / Registered Sports federation (1 three|to 3} rank in last 3 years in school / district / state & on top of level) in last three years. Winner of on-line games won't be thought of.

Member of Scout and guides / NCC / NSS in last 3 years.

Performance in on-line quiz.

A special weightage to students learning in class set in punchayet space are provided.

A minimum participation are ensured from every State / UT. The programme is planned at 5 centres of ISRO viz. Vikram Sarabhai house Centre (VSSC), Thiruvananthapuram, U. R. Rao Satellite Centre (URSC), Bengaluru, house Application Centre (SAC), Ahmedabad, National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC), Hyderabad and North-East house Application Centre (NE-SAC), Shillong. Towards, the tip of the project, students are taken to go to of Satish Dhawan house Centre, Sriharikota. Expenditure towards the travel of student (II AC fare by train from nearest Rly Station to the news centre and back), course material, lodging and boarding etc., throughout the complete course are borne by ISRO. II AC fare will be provided to 1 guardian / parent for drop and develop of student from the news centre. just in case the scholar / parent haven't avail the II AC train, the compensation of fare are restricted to II AC fare.

Registration for YUVIKA -2022

The registration method of YUVIKA – 2022 includes total four steps. Candidates square measure suggested to travel through every step fastidiously. it's suggested to finish the registration method at earliest. The candidate must complete all four steps for finishing the registration. Incomplete application while not making an attempt quiz and uploading the certificates won't be thought of.

STEP 1: E-mail Registration for YUVIKA- 2022.

STEP 2: Read the quiz instructionsAppear in the online quiz within 48 hours of e-mail registration for YUVIKA - 2022.

STEP 3: Login to YUVIKA 

portal minimum after 60 minutes from quiz submission and fill all the information correctly. Submit the online application form and download the submitted form.

STEP 4: Upload the signed copy and all the required certificates

 \before last date of registration.

In case of any doubt or clarification, discuss with “Frequently Asked Questions”.

For any clarifications, mail to yuvika[at]isro[dot]gov[dot]in

Important Dates:
Opening of Registration: March ten, 2022, 10:30 a.m.

Closing of Registration: April ten, 2022, 04:00 p.m.

Announcement of probationary choice list for YUVIKA – twenty22 : April 20, 2022

YUVIKA 2022 programme : could 16-28, 2022
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Monday, March 28, 2022

Gujarati Suvichar to get motivation everyday

Gujarati Suvichar to get motivation everyday

Gujarati Suvichar is a best app to learn life lessons from various famous and inspirational personalities. You can find some of the best gujarati quotes and gujarati suvakya in this application...

This application consist of the exquisite and user friendly gujarati quote collection in gujarati language with in-app sharing feature with text and quote card format.

Sometimes self-motivation is mandatory to overcome our desperation. Gujarati Suvichar helps you to show the importance of belonging to life and take you out of odds. Make your device long lasting valuable by installing this application.

This app contains Gujarati quotes from various personalities like Swami Vivekananda, Osho, Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Chanakya, Dhirubhai Ambani, Abraham Lincoln, Gautama Buddha, Dalai Lama, Kabir, Dr. Apj Abdul Kalam, Sardar Vallabbhai Patel and many more... It contains the saying of different philosophers, monks, spiritual thinkers and writers..

Gujarati Suvichar Useful Features:-
☛ Suvichar Widget to simple and easy get a daily inspiring suvichar on your main screen.
☛ Offline feature to get inspired anytime.
☛ Share photo quotes directly to your family and friends on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social platform.
☛ Easy to copy and paste to save and share.
☛ Add quotes to your favorite collection and share photo quote to your favorite one.
☛ Cleaner user interface and simpler navigation make the browsing even more enjoyable.
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GPSSB Bharti 2022 Search for all Government Vacancies in India and check all the latest information of GPSSB immediately, know about upcoming Gujarat Panchayat Service Selection Board Recruitment. GPSSB Recruitment You can apply for Gujarat Panchayat Service Selection Board Government Vacancy Jobs notification as soon as possible. Read the full notification before applying online for the latest vacancy job. Latest Gujarat Panchayat Service Selection Board

GPSSB Recruitment 2022 For Mukhy sevika

GPSSB Job-Related Details Like Education Qualification, Age Limit, Application Fees, Important Date, And Other Details Is Added In This Post. Must Check Official Notification Before Applying For GPSSBRecruitment 2022.

GPSSB Recruitment 2022 For Gram sevak

GPSSB Recruitment 2022

Total Posts :1571
Start Date :30-3-2022
Last Date :15-4-2022
Application Mode :Online
Job Location :Gujarat
Board :Gujarat Panchayat Service Selection Board
Job Type :Government

Eligibility Criteria For GPSSB Jobs 2022

Total Posts : 1571

Vacancy Details :

  • Advt No .14 /202122 Mukhya Sevika
  • Advt No .15 /202122 Gram Sevak

Important Date :

  • Start Date For Apply : 30-3-2022
  • Last Date For Apply : 15-4-2022

Age Limit :

  • 18 to 37 years
  • Check notification for age limit and relaxation

Salary (Pay Scale) :

  • Rs. 19,950/-

Educational Qualification :

  • Check the advertisement for more details.

Selection Process For GPSSBJob :

  • GPSSB selection will be based on Written Test

GPSSB 2022 Fees :

  • Check the GPSSB advertisement for more details.
Official Notification (Mukhy sevika) :Download

Official Notification (Gram sevak) : Download

Official Website :Click Here

GPSSB Recruitment 2022 (Important link)

Before Applying For This Job, Please Download And Read Official Notification PDF From Below Table. You Can Apply For GPSSB Job From Below Link. Last Date For Apply Online Is 05.02.2022.

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Saturday, March 26, 2022

Create dream fantasy cricket team & Play indian T20 League @Howzat Fantasy App

Want to experience a whole new world of fantasy cricket and football games? Join Howzat, India’s most trusted fantasy cricket app! With over 8 million users on board, we provide the best fantasy cricket game experience to our users. Use your skills to create the best fantasy cricket or football team and stand a chance to win exciting prizes.

Create dream fantasy cricket team & Play indian T20 League @Howzat Fantasy App

Create dream fantasy cricket team & Play indian T20 League @Howzat Fantasy App

Howzat allows you to play fantasy sports like cricket and football using your skills and knowledge of sports. And we're here to make your life simple by turning your sports fantasy into reality. Playing fantasy cricket is as simple as ABC. All you have to do is choose an upcoming match, create your own dream team by selecting players from two real teams that will be playing a real-world match, and you’re done!

These are the following rules that will come into effect the next month:

Batters returning when caught: When a batter is out Caught, the new batter will come in at the end the striker was, regardless of whether the batters crossed prior to the catch being taken. 

Use of saliva to polish the ball: This prohibition has been in place for over two years in international cricket as a Covid-related temporary measure and it is considered appropriate for the ban to be made permanent.

The outbreak of COVID-19 had enforced the rule to avoid transmission of the virus on the field. The rule came into play when cricket resumed after a break in July 2020 and will now be made permanent. During the saliva ban, the players resorted to the use of sweat to shine the ball, which has proven to be effective. 
Incoming batter ready to face the ball: An incoming batter will now be required to be ready to take strike within two minutes in Tests and ODIs, while the current threshold of 90 seconds in T20Is remains unchanged.
Previously, the incoming batter had three minutes to take strike in ODIs and Tests but it has now been reduced. Failing to do so, the fielding captain can appeal for timed out.

Striker’s right to play the ball: This is restricted so as to require some part of their bat or person to remain within the pitch. Should they venture beyond that, the umpire will call and signal Dead ball. Any ball which would force the batter to leave the pitch will also be called No ball.

Unfair movement by the fielding side: Any unfair and deliberate movement while the bowler is running in to bowl could now result in the umpire awarding five penalty runs to the batting side, in addition to a call of Dead ball.

Running out of the non-striker: The Playing Conditions follow the Laws in moving this method of effecting a Run out from the ‘Unfair Play’ section to the ‘Run out’ section.

Bowler throwing towards striker’s end before delivery: Previously, a bowler who saw the batter advancing down the wicket before entering their delivery stride, could throw the ball to attempt to Run out the striker. This practice will now be called a Dead ball.

Other major decisions: The in-match penalty introduced in T20Is in January 2022, (whereby the failure of a fielding team to bowl their overs by the scheduled cessation time leads to an additional fielder having to be brought inside the fielding circle for the remaining overs of the innings), will now also be adopted in ODI matches after the completion of the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Super League in 2023. 

Here are some features of the Howzat Fantasy App you will love:
⦿ Quick Sign-up
⦿ User-friendly Interface
⦿ Extensive Game Lobby
⦿ Choose your favorite cricket or football league and join a match
⦿ Unique Scoring System
⦿ Playing with Real Players
⦿ Top the Leaderboard

Howzat, your team scores points based on your selected players’ performance in the real-life match and competes with other users’ teams. If your team performs the best in a contest, you win! This fantasy cricket game tests and enhances your knowledge of sports and your decision-making skills. The right strategy can help you win big every day.

Howzat is one of the best platforms to play fantasy sports like fantasy cricket and football online! Some of the amazing features of Howzat are described below:l

⏲ Quick Sign-up ⏲
Signing up on Howzat is super easy! Howzat is an easy-to-access fantasy cricket app that you can download and install on your mobile phone. Just log in using your mobile number to play the most exciting fantasy sports leagues..

🎲 User-friendly Interface 🎲
Howzat has an extraordinarily amazing user-friendly interface on both the web and the mobile cricket fantasy app. Our technical team has put in tremendous efforts to ensure Howzat has the simplest and best user interface. It is super easy to learn to play and eventually win on the Howzat fantasy cricket app!

🎮 Extensive Game Lobby 🎮
The Howzat fantasy app has an extensive game lobby with upcoming matches, tournaments and much more. You can choose your favorite sport and select a match to join a contest of your choice.

Extensive coverage of all International cricket, IPL, BBL, CPL, Natwest T20 Blast and other major cricket tournaments across the world. Tons of domestic cricket coverage too.

Play with Real Players 💯

One of the best features of the Howzat fantasy app is that it has only real players. You can compete with players from across the country and win big. We provide the best experience to all our 8 million+ users and that is why we are known as the most trusted cricket fantasy app.

🏏 Choose Your Favorite Sports League and Join a Match ⚽
India has always been a sports-crazy nation, and to turn everybody’s sports fantasy into reality, Howzat introduced fantasy cricket and football games. On Howzat, you can select your dream team and win rewards by joining a fantasy cricket game or fantasy football match in just a few minutes. You can play the fantasy cricket game in various formats including T10, T20, ODI and Tests every day for free and compete with the best players. We host fantasy contests based on the most popular sports tournaments and series across the world, right from the Indian T20 League to the English Football League.


🏆 Unique Scoring System 🏆
The Howzat fantasy app has a unique scoring system that multiplies the excitement and fun. Our unique scoring system ensures that each and every action of the player on the field is reflected in the points they score on Howzat. Don't forget to look at our scoring system before joining a match.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

3D Photos with 3D Scenes, Photo Mirror, 3D Grids, Replace Photo Backgrounds

3D Photos with 3D Scenes, Photo Mirror, 3D Grids, Replace Photo Backgrounds

Stereo photography techniques are methods to produce stereoscopic images, videos and films. This is done with a variety of equipment including special built stereo cameras, single cameras with or without special attachments, and paired cameras. This involves traditional film cameras as well as, tape and modern digital cameras. A number of specialized techniques are employed to produce different kinds of stereo images...

It is necessary to take two photographs from different horizontal positions to get a true stereoscopic image pair. This can be done with two separate side-by-side cameras; with one camera moved from one position to another between exposures; with one camera and a single exposure by means of an attached mirror or prism arrangement that presents a stereoscopic image pair to the camera lens; or with a stereo camera incorporating two or more side-by-side lenses.

Charles Wheatstone first began experimenting with stereopsis in 1838 using specially constructed drawings. The invention of photography in 1839 opened up a new and more detailed medium for his experiments and the first photographic stereoscopic pairs appeared in the early 1840s as Daguerreotypes and Calotypes. By the 1850s, a stereoscope and an assortment of professionally photographed stereo views were becoming part of the standard equipment of a properly furnished middle-class parlor. In the 1890s, photographic plates and films sensitive enough to make casual “snapshot” photography practical were available, and combined with easy-to-use cameras they were making amateur photography a very popular hobby. Stereo cameras were in the mix. The earliest were inconveniently large and the end result was a pair of paper prints mounted on a card for viewing in a standard stereoscope. They were soon joined by smaller cameras that yielded relatively small stereo slides on glass. The popularity of stereo photography declined after the First World War and plummeted during the Great Depression of the 1930s.

અહીંથી જુઓ પાવાગઢ LIVE પાવાગઢ સુવર્ણ અવસર

3D Camera creates 3D Scenic Photos, Puts in 3D Scenes, Change Background to 3d Photo Backgrounds. Replace Backgrounds with amazing photo backgrounds and Create Best Photo Effects.

3D Camera is used easy to use

  • Chose one of the Many 3D Scenes offered. You can pick movie stunt style or 3D love theme photos. Romantic pictures and Famous places are available as 3D photo backgrounds.
  • Chose the photo you want to place in 3D Photo template in 3D camera.
  • As photo background is removed and placed in Photo Template, you can adjust the photo.
  • You can Zoom in an Zoom out to adjust character for 3D Photos.
  • Save and share or chose a similar photo template to replace the scene.

મોડેલિંગ ફોટો એપ અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

Additional 3D Camera Features:

3D Photo Grids – Create Photo Grids with 3D View where Picture Grids show 3D Effects including Round Corners, Background Textures, Photo Stickers and More. Create Best looking Photo grids with 3D Effects on the Picture Grids.

3D Photo Mirrors – Create Photo Mirrors that show 3D Photo effects. 3D Photo Mirrors are the only Mirror Photos with unique 3D photo Frames for the Photo Mirrors. Photo Mirrors create best photo effects.

3D CAMERA APP અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

3D Scene Maker: Replace photo background using Replace Background so that you can create Best Photo Effects. 3D Scenes include Waterfall Backgrounds, Wild animal Backgrounds, Cinematic backgrounds and more.

3D Live Wallpapers: You can set our 3D Live Wallpapers as your device 3D Wallpapers and chose options to change 3D Wallpapers at interval of your choice.

Create best looking Panoramic Photos that can be viewed as 3d photos with 3D camera. Replace Backgrounds into cinematic backgrounds and create Best Photo Effects.
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SSC MTS Recruitment 2022 Notification Apply Online


SSC MTS Recruitment 2022 Notification Apply Online

All the information regarding SSC MTS Recruitment 2022 will be made available to you clearly in our article. We will tell you how you can apply online. Along with this, all the information related to the notification will be made available to you. Along with this, all the information about the vacancy has also been made available to you clearly. Not only this, but we will also provide you step by step information about the process of applying. So read our article carefully.

SSC MTS Recruitment 2022

More than 10000 vacancies have been released by the Staff Selection Commission for this post. In which you will be recruited only on the basis of your merit. The official notification for this post has been issued on 22 March 2022. According to which online applications have been started from today 22 March 2022. The last date to apply by the organization has been fixed as 30 April 2022. After which you cannot apply.

The written test for the post of Multi Tasking Staff will be conducted in offline mode. Accordingly, you will be recruited for this post. This recruitment has been organized at the national level, for which you can apply from any state. The job location of the candidates who will be recruited for this post will also be inside India. Every year a large number of vacancies are released for this post but only a few candidates are recruited.

candidates are recruited.

Organization nameStaff Selection Commission [SSC]
Post nameMulti-Tasking Staff [MTS]
Total vacancyDiverse
Job locationAll over India
FrequencyOnce a year
Application modeOnline
Application started on22 March 2022
Last date to apply30 April 2022
Application fees last date30 April 2022

Eligibility for SSC MTS Recruitment 2022

There are certain criteria set by SSC for the post of MTS. Accordingly, you can fill out your form. So read all the details given below carefully which are in some ways-

Educational Qualification

Certain educational qualifications have been fixed for all the candidates to apply. According to which you can apply. To apply, you must have passed 10th from a recognized board. Only then you can apply.

Age Limit

If your age is above 18 years and below 25 years then you can easily apply for this post. Along with this, age relaxation has also been given, about which you can check by visiting the official website to get complete information.

Application Fees

The last date to submit the application fee has been fixed as 30 April 2022. You can pay this fee online mode through Credit Card, Debit Card Net Banking, etc. These fees have been fixed separately for all categories. Which are as follows-

SSC MTS Recruitment 2022 Notification Apply Online

Which are as follows-

CategoryApplication Fees

Selection Process

You have to pass in the selection process to get recruited for this post. Two papers will be conducted for this post. In Paper-I you have to pass in Computer Based Test. The candidates who will qualify in this exam only they can give Paper-II. A descriptive test will be conducted in Paper-II. In the end, you will be recruited accordingly.


For the post of MTS, you should know how much salary you will be given. Your salary will range from Rs.18,000 – Rs.22,000/-. Along with this, you will also be given Rs.1800/- grade pay. For more details, you can check the official notification.

How to apply online for SSC MTS Recruitment 2022?

  • For this, you have to visit the online portal.
  • Then click on the apply option on the home page of the website.
  • On clicking, the next page will open.
  • In which you have to upload all your details, application fee, and documents.
  • After filling in all the details click on submit.
  • In this way, your application will be completed.
  • Descriptive Paper): To Be Notified Later

Hope you have got all the information about SSC MTS Recruitment 2022 in our article. So to get all the latest updates first, add our website to bookmark

SSC MTS NotificationClick Here
SSC MTS Apply OnlineClick Here 
Click Here

  1. Ques. Is this recruitment organized at the national level?

    Ans. Yes, this recruitment has been organized at the national level.

  2. Ques. What is the last date to submit the application fee?

    Ans. The last date for the application fee is 30 April 2022.

  3. Ques. What is the educational qualification required to apply?

    Ans. You must have passed 10th to apply.

  4. Ques. Will grade pay be given after getting admitted to this post?

    Ans. Yes, Rs.1800/- grade pay will be given after being recruited on this post.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Lowest interest rate providing platform of bike and car loan

 Lowest interest rate providing platform of bike and car loan

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How to make rangoli, top 10 easiest rangoli design applications

  How to make rangoli, top 10 easiest rangoli design applications

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Best place to visit in India On Diwali vacation

 Best place to visit in India On Diwali vacation

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How to get car on rent in your city : Top 10 Car rental applications In India

  How to get car on rent in your city : Top 10 Car rental applications In India

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Indian 2nd digital surgical strike : Garena Free Fire banned in india | 54 Chinese apps banned by Indian government

  Indian 2nd digital surgical strike : Garena Free Fire  banned in   india | 54  Chinese apps banned by Indian government

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Good News For Free Fire Game suckers Free Fire Max Not Removed From play store

  Good News For Free Fire Game suckers Free Fire Max Not Removed From       playstore 

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Sunday, March 20, 2022

how to earn plutocrat fluently from paytm

how to earn plutocrat fluently from paytm

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How to Find work from Home job on paytm career?

 How to Find work from Home job  on paytm career?

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PGVCL Recruitment for 87 Vidyut Sahayak Posts 2022


PGVCL Recruitment for 87 Vidyut Sahayak Posts 2022

PGVCL Recruitment for 87 Vidyut Sahayak Posts 2022 : Paschim Gujarat Vij Company Limited (PGVCL) Recruitment 2022. Paschim Gujarat Vij Company Limited (PGVCL) has invited online applications for the recruitment of 87 Vidyut Sahayak Posts 2022.

Paschim Gujarat Vij Company Limited (PGVCL) has published an Advertisement for the below-mentioned Posts. Eligible Candidates are advised to refer to the official advertisement and apply for this post.

Paschim Gujarat Vij Company Limited (PGVCL) Job Details

Post Name

  • Vidyut Sahayak (Jr. Engineer – Electrical – SEBC)
  • Vidyut Sahayak (Jr. Assistant)
  • Dy. Superintendent of Accounts

Total No. of Posts

There are total 87 vacancies.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Vidyut Sahayak (Junior Assistant)
    • Full time B.A., B.Com., B.Sc., B.C.A. and B.B.A. in regular mode from recognized University duly approved by UGC with minimum 55% in final year.
  • Vidyut Sahayak (Junior Engineer – Electrical)-SEBC
    • Full time B.E. (Electrical) / B.Tech (Electrical) in regular mode from recognized University duly approved by UGC/AICTE with minimum 55% in 7th& 8th semesters without ATKT.
  • Deputy Superintendent of Accounts (ST)
    • C.A. / I.C.W.A. / M.Com. / M.B.A. (Finance) with minimum 55% in final year from recognized University / Institute.

Educational Qualification: Please read Official Notification for more detailed Educational Qualification details.

Selection Process

Candidates will be selected based on an examination.

Age Limit

  • Dy. Superintendent of Accounts & Vidyut Sahayak (Jr. Engineer – Electrical – SEBC): 41 years on the date of advertisement. (i.e. 17/03/2022)
  • Vidyut Sahayak (Jr. Assistant): For Unreserved Category: 31 years and For Reserved Category (Inclusive EWS): 36 years on the date of advertisement. (i.e. 17/03/2022)

Application Fee

  • Vidyut Sahayak (Jr. Engineer – Electrical – SEBC): Rs.500.00 (including GST) and Rs. 250.00 for PWD candidates.
  • Vidyut Sahayak (Jr. Assistant): Rs.500.00 (Inclusive GST) for UR, SEBC & EWS candidate and Rs.250.00 (Inclusive GST) for ST, SC and PWD candidates
  • Dy. Superintendent of Accounts: Rs.250.00

Job Location

  • Paschim Gujarat Vij Company Limited (PGVCL), Gujarat, India.

How to Apply ?

  • Eligible and interested candidates can apply online through official website.

Note: Candidates are suggested to read the official notification before applying.

Important Dates

  • Starting Date of Online Application: 17-03-2022
  • Last Date to Apply Online: 06-04-2022


  • Vidyut Sahayak (Junior Assistant)
    • Fixed Remuneration for 1st Year Rs.-17,500/-
    • 2nd Year Rs.-19,000/-
    • 3rd to 5th Year Rs.-20,500/-
  • Vidyut Sahayak (Junior Engineer – Electrical)-SEBC
    • Fixed Remuneration for – 1st Year Rs. 37,000/-
    • – 2nd Year Rs. 39,000/-
    • – 3rd Year Rs. 39,000/-
    • – 4th Year Rs. 39,000/-
    • – 5th Year Rs. 39,000/-
  • Deputy Superintendent of Accounts (ST)
    • Minimum in Pay Scale of Rs.35700 – 82100 plus DA, HRA, CLA, Medical, LTC as per Company’s rules
Important :- Please Confirm all the Information on Official Website / Notification / Advertisement. 
We have Provided Official Website / Notification / Advertisement's Details Above.  

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Saturday, March 19, 2022

Indian Navy Recruitment 2022 AA & SSR 2500 Posts

Indian Navy Recruitment 2022 AA & SSR 2500 Posts

Indian Navy Recruitment 2022 : This recruitment is being conducted by the Indian Navy, for which a large number of candidates apply. A total of 2500 vacancies have been issued for this post, in which you will be recruited only on the basis of your merit. The application for this post will be done in online mode only which you can do only by visiting the official website. For which the link of the official website will be made available to you in our article.

The online application for the post of Senior Secondary Recruit and Artificer Apprentice will be started from 29 March 2022 and the last date to apply is 05 April 2022. You cannot apply after the last date. Every year recruitment is issued for this post for which candidates from different states apply. But only eligible candidates are recruited for this post. You can also check the notification if you want to get more details about the recruitment.

Indian Navy Recruitment 2022 AA & SSR Posts

Organization nameIndian Navy
Post nameSenior Secondary Recruit [SSR] & Artificer Apprentice [AA]
Total vacancy2500
Job locationIn India
Application started on29 March 2022
Last date to apply05 April 2022
Age limit17 – 20

Indian Navy Recruitment 2022 Vacancy Details

  • SSR (Senior Secondary Recruit) – 2000
  • AA (Artificer Apprentice) – 500

Eligibility Criteria for Indian Navy Recruitment 2022

To apply, you have to keep some things in mind, according to which you can fill and submit your form. These criteria have been decided by the organization, which is mandatory for everyone to follow. Some of the eligibility criteria for this post are as follows

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Friday, March 18, 2022

How to download birth and death instrument online| how to know birth and death records of my vill


How to download birth and death instrument online| how to know birth and death records of my vill 

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How to pay credit card bill,Rent Pay & Education Fees using cred app

How to pay credit card bill,Rent Pay & Education Fees using cred app

with CRED, every payment is satisfying, including your house rent payment. now, you can pay rent with credit cards and earn instigative deals and abatements on the CRED app. making rent payments through credit cards offers binary benefits-you get an interest-free credit period on rent as well as earn CRED price coins.  

what is CRED rentpay?

rentpay is one of the rearmost products by CRED that's erected solely for its members as a smooth rent payments result. it allows its druggies to pay their rent through credit card in a simple 3- step hassle-free process. dispensable to mention, CRED isn't only the most stoner-friendly app for rent payments, but also has a wide range of benefits for its members 

why pay rent online with CRED?

CRED app's rent pay point lets you pay your house rent using the credit card option in a jiff. the app allows the tenants to pay their yearly rent using the credit card with the quantum transferred to the landlord's bank account directly with no farther detention. 

 online credit card payment app CRED has this amazing point of paying rent, doing so the members also get an interest-free credit period on rent along with some stupendous and plutocrat- saving price points which can be redeemed across varied brands and orders. the interest-free credit period may range from 18-48 days to 25-55 days depending on your credit card's payment due date. 

really, it's relatively important to pay rent and yearly pretenses on time, it not only relieves you from stacks of payments on your head but also increases the fiscal confidence of an existent. the online rent payment service works straight through the CRED app, which lets druggies make bill payments with no detention at all. likewise, the members also earn CRED coins after making the rent payment that can be spent on products and services from CRED mates. 

મોંઘવારી ભથ્થા વધારા અંગેના સમાચાર અહીંથી વાચો

benefits of paying housing rent through credit card on CRED

  • pay rent online instantly without any delay
  •  you get interest-free credit period by paying rent through credit card 
  •  CRED members earn exclusive price points on rent payment 
  •  get rent payment Cautions every month on the set date 
  •  how to pay rent online using a credit card on CRED? 
  •  install the CRED app from the Google Play or Apple App Store 
  •  as soon as you install the CRED app, subscribe up using your credentials 
  • . click on the CRED rentpay option in the app 
  •  next, enter the rent quantum. also, this wo n’t be the final quantum to be subtracted from your credit quantum as you'll also be charged some service charges along with the rent 
  • . click on' do with credit card'and fill in your card details to pay the rent directly 
  •  enter details of your landlord like his name, banking details, UPI address, whichever you may want. you may either enter the complete bank account details of your landlord then or enter their UPI address. 
  •  enter the address, and also click on do to payment and complete the final step 
  • . please note, members can mileage CRED rent pay service at a small sale figure. this figure may range from 1 percent to1.5 percent, depending on the credit card network. formerly done, you can also set up bus- payments for timely payments in the future as per your convenience. 
  •  with CRED, individualizes get the liberty to free up cash, delight the interest-free credit period, and earn price points on credit card spending. so login now, and pay your house rent anytime and from anywhere in no time!

CRED rentpay credit card offers

 when you pay rent on CRED through credit card, you get colorful abatements and cashback offers depending on your credit card issuer. to check credit card offers on CRED rentpay services, login to your CRED account, go to the CRED rentpay runner. there you'll see all the offers on colorful credit cards. the credit cards offer benefits similar as-cashback, abatements, lucky draw, exclusive price pointsetc. 

Drink to the CRED club! At CRED we're creating a system that strives to award high trust and creditworthy individualities of India, inspiring others to be like them. 


 By registering with CRED and penetrating the CRED Services, you're representing the following 

  •  You're 18 times of age or aged; 
  • You're able of entering into a fairly binding agreement; and 
  •  You aren't barred or else fairly banned from penetrating or using the CRED App and CRED Services. 
  •  You agree to seek your credit score from Credit Information Companies using the CRED App and expose the said credit score to CRED. CRED may use the said credit score to determine your eligibility for access to colorful CRED Services. CRED may at its sole discretion help Druggies from penetrating the CRED App and the CRED Platforms in part or in whole if the credit score of a Stoner is lower than a minimal entry threshold set by CRED. 
  •  Still, including individualities under 18 times of age, you'll still be responsible for icing that similar individualities misbehave with these Terms of Use, If you allow anyone to use your account. You'll be responsible for all conduct these individualities take in and/ or through your account. You also admit that CRED doesn't have the responsibility of icing that You meet the forenamed eligibility conditions. 


We collect, hold, use and transfer your particular data in agreement with our Sequestration Policy. By agreeing to the Terms of Use, you hereby agree to our Sequestration Policy, which may be streamlined and/ or modified by us from time to time. You understand and agree that, to the extent permitted by applicable law, any data handed by you in connection with the CRED Services may be participated with our accessories, cells or mates, and/ or used by us for enhancing the CRED Services, including but not limited to creating new products. Please relate to the Sequestration Policy for farther clarity on the subject. 

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