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Friday, March 18, 2022

How to pay credit card bill,Rent Pay & Education Fees using cred app

How to pay credit card bill,Rent Pay & Education Fees using cred app

with CRED, every payment is satisfying, including your house rent payment. now, you can pay rent with credit cards and earn instigative deals and abatements on the CRED app. making rent payments through credit cards offers binary benefits-you get an interest-free credit period on rent as well as earn CRED price coins.  

what is CRED rentpay?

rentpay is one of the rearmost products by CRED that's erected solely for its members as a smooth rent payments result. it allows its druggies to pay their rent through credit card in a simple 3- step hassle-free process. dispensable to mention, CRED isn't only the most stoner-friendly app for rent payments, but also has a wide range of benefits for its members 

why pay rent online with CRED?

CRED app's rent pay point lets you pay your house rent using the credit card option in a jiff. the app allows the tenants to pay their yearly rent using the credit card with the quantum transferred to the landlord's bank account directly with no farther detention. 

 online credit card payment app CRED has this amazing point of paying rent, doing so the members also get an interest-free credit period on rent along with some stupendous and plutocrat- saving price points which can be redeemed across varied brands and orders. the interest-free credit period may range from 18-48 days to 25-55 days depending on your credit card's payment due date. 

really, it's relatively important to pay rent and yearly pretenses on time, it not only relieves you from stacks of payments on your head but also increases the fiscal confidence of an existent. the online rent payment service works straight through the CRED app, which lets druggies make bill payments with no detention at all. likewise, the members also earn CRED coins after making the rent payment that can be spent on products and services from CRED mates. 

મોંઘવારી ભથ્થા વધારા અંગેના સમાચાર અહીંથી વાચો

benefits of paying housing rent through credit card on CRED

  • pay rent online instantly without any delay
  •  you get interest-free credit period by paying rent through credit card 
  •  CRED members earn exclusive price points on rent payment 
  •  get rent payment Cautions every month on the set date 
  •  how to pay rent online using a credit card on CRED? 
  •  install the CRED app from the Google Play or Apple App Store 
  •  as soon as you install the CRED app, subscribe up using your credentials 
  • . click on the CRED rentpay option in the app 
  •  next, enter the rent quantum. also, this wo n’t be the final quantum to be subtracted from your credit quantum as you'll also be charged some service charges along with the rent 
  • . click on' do with credit card'and fill in your card details to pay the rent directly 
  •  enter details of your landlord like his name, banking details, UPI address, whichever you may want. you may either enter the complete bank account details of your landlord then or enter their UPI address. 
  •  enter the address, and also click on do to payment and complete the final step 
  • . please note, members can mileage CRED rent pay service at a small sale figure. this figure may range from 1 percent to1.5 percent, depending on the credit card network. formerly done, you can also set up bus- payments for timely payments in the future as per your convenience. 
  •  with CRED, individualizes get the liberty to free up cash, delight the interest-free credit period, and earn price points on credit card spending. so login now, and pay your house rent anytime and from anywhere in no time!

CRED rentpay credit card offers

 when you pay rent on CRED through credit card, you get colorful abatements and cashback offers depending on your credit card issuer. to check credit card offers on CRED rentpay services, login to your CRED account, go to the CRED rentpay runner. there you'll see all the offers on colorful credit cards. the credit cards offer benefits similar as-cashback, abatements, lucky draw, exclusive price pointsetc. 

Drink to the CRED club! At CRED we're creating a system that strives to award high trust and creditworthy individualities of India, inspiring others to be like them. 


 By registering with CRED and penetrating the CRED Services, you're representing the following 

  •  You're 18 times of age or aged; 
  • You're able of entering into a fairly binding agreement; and 
  •  You aren't barred or else fairly banned from penetrating or using the CRED App and CRED Services. 
  •  You agree to seek your credit score from Credit Information Companies using the CRED App and expose the said credit score to CRED. CRED may use the said credit score to determine your eligibility for access to colorful CRED Services. CRED may at its sole discretion help Druggies from penetrating the CRED App and the CRED Platforms in part or in whole if the credit score of a Stoner is lower than a minimal entry threshold set by CRED. 
  •  Still, including individualities under 18 times of age, you'll still be responsible for icing that similar individualities misbehave with these Terms of Use, If you allow anyone to use your account. You'll be responsible for all conduct these individualities take in and/ or through your account. You also admit that CRED doesn't have the responsibility of icing that You meet the forenamed eligibility conditions. 


We collect, hold, use and transfer your particular data in agreement with our Sequestration Policy. By agreeing to the Terms of Use, you hereby agree to our Sequestration Policy, which may be streamlined and/ or modified by us from time to time. You understand and agree that, to the extent permitted by applicable law, any data handed by you in connection with the CRED Services may be participated with our accessories, cells or mates, and/ or used by us for enhancing the CRED Services, including but not limited to creating new products. Please relate to the Sequestration Policy for farther clarity on the subject. 

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