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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

13 Most Popular Indian Painter Artists of All Time

13 Most Popular Indian Painter Artists of All Time 


An art nut is an existent who actually keeps tone- streamlined with the major and present day’s artists, who actually value an artist whether that artist is in art, design, music, dance any art form. Our India has been remarked for its artists and their workshop. From ancient times to till date we've some notorious Indian painters with us who has been rated as the stylish all around the global. 

1.) M.F. Hussain – 

Maqbool Fida Husain India’s stylish ‘ art maestro ’ and also known as “ Picasso of India ” by the Forbes magazines. The 20th century most famed and at the global position honored artists.  He was quite a notorious artist among all type of people. 

2.) Tyeb Mehta – 

He started his career as a film editor latterly his interest towards oil led him to SirJ.J School of art. He was born in Gujarat in a city Kapadvanj in 1925.  His influence can be traced towards European masters similar as FrancisBacon.Tyber Mehta was also a part of Bombay Progressive Artists Group which included the notorious artistse.gM.f Hussain. 

3.) Francis Newton Souza – 

This Indian Goan Origin Artist born in Goa on 12 April 1924, which is known asF.N Souza. He was also a part of Bombay Progressive Artist’s Group; he was also the firstpost-independence Indian artist to achieve high identification in the West. His work of style was relatively Expressionist in character and also counted as largely erogenous. 


4.)S.H. Raza – 

Sayed Haider Raza was born in Babaria Madhya Pradesh on 22nd February 1922, who was an Indian Painter artist who lived and worked in France since 1950 and also had maintained the strong ties with India. His oils especially completed in oil painting and tempera and the workshop were in abstract form. He was the firstnon-French artist to admit the award Prix de la Critique in 1956. 

5.) Amrita Sher- Gil – 

This leading Indian “ Frida Kahlo ” the lady leads in among all women Painters moment.  She started this formal training at age of eight only and has been called the topmost Avante- Garde women artist s of the early 20th century and also the colonist of ultramodern Indian art. She was also known as great avaricious anthology and pianist. 



6.) Raja Ravi Varma – 

This great Indian painter and artist were in Kerala on 29th April 1848. He's included in the top notorious painter’s list and also counted as the topmost in the history of Indian art. His workshop depict the exemplifications of the emulsion of European ways. also latterly his work also notable for making the affordable lithographs vacuity of his oils for the public. He was more admired in the oils which depict Indian mythological Characters. 

7.) Jamini Roy – 

The work of this painter artist we can set up in colorful art galleries and galleries. Jamini Roy was born in a land- possessors family in West Bengal on 11th April 1887. As an artist he has been recognized with Padma Bhushan in 1955, originally, his work art oils express the touch of the Western and ultramodern, but latterly he started with the new style grounded on Bengal Folk Traditions. He was one of the most notorious pupils of Abanindranath Tagore. 

8.)V.S. Gaitonde – 

Vasudeo.S. Gaitonde known as the extract painter which born to Goan parents in Nagpur, Maharashtra in 1924. This reputed painter was the foremost abstract painter and his education was done fromJ.J School of art. The awful part of this artist is he was invited by the notorious painter to join the Progressive Artists Group of Bombay in 1947 which itself explains that how talented he was. He shared in numerous of exhibitions and got recognized as well. 


9.) Jatin Das – 

This painter and form artist was born in Orissa in 1941. When he started sharing in the art exhibitions at both public and transnational position he fame from that workshop. He devoted himself for 50 times as a painter and also exhibits his work about 68 no’s as an existent each over the world. His workshop done within oil painting, gouache, essay, platesetc. 


10.) Abanindranath Tagore –

The artist known from his oil works and also noted as the pen. He was born in Calcutta on 7th May 1871 and was the whoreson of Rabindranath Tagore. He was majorly stressed for an exponent of Swadeshi values in Indian art. He has been a author of Bengal academy of art. 


11.) Nandalal Bose – 

The artist is being inspired by the Tagore family and the showpieces of Ajanta. He was one of the pupils of Abanindranath Tagore and was notorious for the work style of “ Indian Style ” of oils. His work in oils depicts the Indian myths, women, and also the Village life. 

12.) Sudip Roy – 

It seems Kolkata is being blessed with the great cultural people each around. The veritably coming is Sudip Roy; the artist is born in Bharampur in October 1960. From his council days, he was eye catchy and notorious for his stylish work through gouaches and impressionist delineations. He begins his innings in oil world as youthful oil pictures and bold objective geographies & architectural studies.

13.) Satish Gujral– 

The younger brother of Inder Kumar Gujral, the former Prime Minister of India. Satish Gujral was born in Jhelum, Punjab on 25th December 1925. He was known as painter, sculptor, muralist, graphic designer, writer, and architect of the post-independent era. From his age ten, he was sick from impairing of hearing, which is 1998 he get regained.

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