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Friday, July 29, 2022

Archaeologists discover ancient Mayan city at construction site in Mexico - see pics

Archaeologists discover ancient Mayan megacity at construction point in Mexico- see snaps 


The centuries-old remains of an ancient Mayan megacity have been uncovered by archaeologists, who were working in the Yucatan region of Mexico, news agency Reuters reported on Friday( May 27). The megacity is filled with palaces, conglomerations and forecourts. The point where the ancient megacity has been uncovered is a construction point of what will come an artificial demesne near Merida on the Yucatan Peninsula. For the unversed, the Maya civilization was a Mesoamerican civilization developed by the Maya people. They're noted for their sophisticated and largely advanced jotting system- logosyllabic script and also hailed for art, armature, timetable, mathematics and astronomical system. 

As per the report, the point is called Xiol, which means" the spirit of man". The archaeologists said that it has features of the Mayan Puuc style of armature, which is common in the southern Yucatan Peninsula but rare near Merida. 


Carlos Peraza, who's one of the archaeologists who led the excavation of the megacity, said," We suppose further than,000 people lived around then." He noted that the people were estimated to have been enthralled from 600- 900 bulletin 

Peraza added," There were people from different social classes. preachers, scribes, who lived in these great palaces, and there were also the common people who lived in small structures. 


As per the report, burial grounds of grown-ups and children have been located hard. Reuters mentioned that remains of marine life were also discovered in the area. It suggests that the occupants of the megacity rounded their agrarian- grounded diets by fishing. 

According to the possessors of the land, Xiol was discovered after construction began on an artificial demesne. It has been understood that they will still be erected, although the archaeological remains will be saved. 


"With time, civic sprawl( in the area) has grown and numerous of the archaeological remains have been destroyed. but indeed we as archaeologists are surprised, because we didn't anticipate to find a point so well saved," Peraza said.

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