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Sunday, July 24, 2022

South Korea launches domestically-developed space rocket, successfully puts satellites in orbit

South Korea launches domestically- developed space rocket, successfully puts satellites in route 


South Korea on Tuesday( June 21) launched its first domestically- developed space rocket informally shout Nuri. The launch has successfully placed several satellites in route, officers said. This is the country's alternate attempt after a launch last October failed. 

South Korea's state TV filmland showed the rocket lifting off from Naro Space Center on the southern seacoast of South Korea at 0700 GMT. The launch is nominated a major step in the country's sweats to jumpstart the space programme after the failed test last time. 

After the launch, the officers revealed that Nuri, which is a162.5- kg( 358 lb) satellite designed to corroborate the rocket's performance entered the route and successfully made contact with a base station in Antarctica. 


As per the officers, the rocket successfully placed a1.3- ton dummy satellite and four small cell satellites developed by universities for exploration, into route. 

South Korea's YTN TV reported twinkles after lift- off that" Nuri separates ersatz satellite" and shortly after the launch, the television report noted that it" appears to be a success". 


The three- stage Nuri rocket has been a decade in development for$1.5 billion and it weighs 200 tonnes and is47.2 metres long, fitted with a aggregate of six liquid- fuelled machines. 

Science and ICT Minister Lee Jong- ho told a briefing" The sky of the Korean macrocosm is now wide open. Our wisdom and technology has made great strides." 

President Yoon Suk- yeol hailed the attainments he watched the launch from his office. As per a statement by his office, he thanked everyone involved in the design.  

As repeat by media outlets, Yoon said" Now the road to space from our land has been opened. It was the product of 30 times of dispiriting challenges. From now on, the dreams and expedients of our people and our youth will extend into space." 


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