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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Health Benefits of Vajrasana Pose and How to Do It

Health Benefits of Vajrasana Pose and How to Do It . 


Vajrasana is a capstone of two Sanskrit words – ‘ vajra ’ and ‘ asana ’. Vajra means thunderbolt and refers to the fabulous armament of Lord Indra in Hindu tradition. It's a symbol of strength and indestructibility. 


 What's Vajrasana? 


Vajrasana, also called thunderbolt or diamond disguise, is one of the simplest yoga asanas. It makes the body secure as a diamond. 


Different Names of Vajrasana 

Adamantine Pose 

Pelvic disguise 

Thunderbolt disguise 

Diamond pose 

Kneeling disguise 

Steps to Perform Vajrasana Pose 


Vajrasana is simple, but it's extremely important to do it rightly. Follow these way to perform the diamond disguise impeccably. 


1 – Sit on the flat bottom or a yoga mat by kneeling. 

2 – Fold the knees and ankles backwards and point the bases in line with the legs. The bottoms of the bases should face overhead by touching the big toes. 

3 – Sit back on your legs and exhale. Buttocks should rest on the heels and shanks should rest on your pins. 

4 – Keep your chine, neck and head straight. Close your eyes and begin deep breathing. 

5 – Acclimate your shanks and pelvis slightly backwards and forward until you feel comfortable. 


Duration of Vajrasana Pose 


still, start with exercising Vajrasana for 3- 4 twinkles, If you're a freshman. As you progress, you can increase the duration to 5- 7 twinkles. 


10 Health Benefits of Vajrasana Pose 


Vajrasana has multitudinous positive health benefits. So, regular practice of this asana can greatly ameliorate your physical and internal health. 

Perform slow and metrical breathing along with the asana to reap further benefits of this excellent yoga disguise. 


1. Vajrasana Improves Blood Rotation 


Vajrasana is great for blood rotation. It specifically improves the blood inflow in the pelvic region. 

Breathing contemporaneously regulates the blood rotation in the entire body. 


2. Vajrasana Improves Posture 


Vajrasana requires your reverse to be firm and straight. 

This helps to ameliorate your posture and results in better immersion of the benefits offered by this asana. 


3. Vajrasana Improves Digestion 


Performing Vajrasana helps our digestive system in numerous ways. It obstructs blood inflow to our legs and shanks and increases it in our stomach area, therefore perfecting our bowel movements and relieving constipation. 

Vajrasana also helps to get relieve of flatulence( gas) and acidity. Hence, it ensures better immersion of nutrients by your body. It's good to perform Vajrasana after refections since it helps in digestion. 


4. Vajrasana Provides Relief from Lower Back Pain 


Vajrasana helps to strengthen your lower aft muscles and therefore provides relief from occasional pain and discomfort. 

It also helps to alleviate pain caused by sciatica. Regular practice of Vajrasana can help you strengthen your lower reverse. 


5. Vajrasana Strengthens Pelvic bottom Muscles 


Vajrasana increases blood rotation in the pelvis and strengthens our pelvic bottom muscles. 

It's veritably useful for women suffering from stress urinary incontinence. 


6. Vajrasana Helps to Calm the Mind 

Regular practice of Vajrasana reduces stress and improves attention. 

It also helps to agreement with depression and anxiety. Breathing exercises present during Vajrasana help keep the mind calm and composed. 

7. Vajrasana Improves Sleep 


Vajrasana keeps anxiety and stress below control. 

It helps to keep your mind calm and better the quality of your sleep. 


8. Vajrasana Helps in Weight Loss 


Vajrasana improves the blood inflow to your stomach and boosts digestion. 

More digestion equals better immersion of nutrients and reduced belly fat. 


9. Vajrasana Strengthens Sexual Organs 


Vajrasana improves blood rotation and nourishes the reproductive organs. 

It strengthens the sexual organs in both men and women. In addition to perfecting better sexual performance, it has a positive impact on reproductive health. 


10. Vajrasana Helps Ease Menstrual Cramps 


Vajrasana improves blood inflow in the pelvic region. thus, it helps ease menstrual cramps. 

It also support in labour by strengthening the pelvic muscles.  


preventives for Performing Vajrasana Pose 


Don't perform Vajrasana if you're suffering from knee pain due to any beginning medical condition or have lately experienced knee surgery. 

Pregnant women can perform Vajrasana but keep further gap between their knees, to avoid putting pressure on the tummy. 

People with hernia and problems related to the bowel should perform Vajrasana only under the guidance of an expert yoga educator 

A More violent interpretation of Vajrasana 


There's a more violent interpretation of the introductory Vajrasana called ‘ Supta Vajrasana ’ or the reclined thunderbolt posture. To perform this interpretation, follow these way. 

First, sit in Vajrasana, and also sluggishly, without jerking, slope backwards. 

Place one forearm and elbow on the ground and also the other 

Let the reverse remain arched and your head touch the bottom 

still, gently place only the crown of your head on the bottom 

If you ca n’t get your head to touch the bottom entirely.

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